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Use songs from the songbook

The Songbook and the Song Writer use the same format. That’s why you can use any song as the basis for your own song. Just copy the song from the Songbook editor and paste it into the Song Writer editor.

Note, that only the marked blocks such as verse, chorus, interlude, … are visible in the Song Writer.

Repeat sections easily

Songs are often made up of repeating parts of text. Parts such as the chorus can be repeated with a simple directive instead of writing them down again.

Choose your sound

Choose from more than 100 instruments in the settings for your favourite sound.

Choose your color scheme

The colors of the chords follow the color scheme, which you can change to suit your taste.

Different fingering for the same chord

smartChord automatically determines the best fingering for each chord of a song. You can change this at any time. If you need to have the same chord with a different fingering in one song, create a custom chord and use it in the song where you need the other voicing.

  1. Create a custom chord for the chord you need with different fingerings. It’s simply the same chord with a different name
  2. Add the name of the custom chord in the song wherever you need the different fingering
  3. Replace the fingering for the custom chord by the one you’d like
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