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Scale on fretboard

This screen shows you either the notes of the scale spread on the fretboard or a scale pattern. The fretboard matches the chosen instrument and tuning. What you see on the fretboard depends on the pattern mode. You can switch the pattern with the arrow key buttons in the top right. Between these buttons are the number of the selected pattern and the total number of patterns displayed.

Click on the scale name to select another scale.

With the activated Sound toggle button, you can hear the notes on the fretboard, if you tap on it.

With the TAB toggle button, you can fade in or fade out the tablature view with the pattern. The tablature view is only visible if a pattern is selected.

The overview button opens the pattern overview screen, which shows the patterns on a dedicated screen.

Click on the tone name button to change the tonic of the scale.

Please note that you can change the information on the chord diagram:

  • Nothing
  • Notes (Settings) Note names according to your settings
  • Notes (Theory): Note names according to the music theory
  • Intervals
  • Relative notes
  • Fingering

Use the menu to:

  • open the Fretboard Explorer to explore the scale
  • create an exercise from the current scale pattern
  • add the current scale pattern to an exercise
  • change the instrument and tuning
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