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smartChord supports any tuning with 3 to 8 strings. It provides more than 500 predefined tunings (e.g. Drop D, Rain Song) out of the box. And, you can easily create your own tunings.

Custom tunings

You can create an unlimited number of custom tunings. They can have between 3 and 8 strings and notes in any combination. A custom tuning is seamlessly integrated into smartChord and does not differ from predefined tunings.

Favorite tunings

If you use more than one tuning, we recommend defining them as favorite tunings. Favorite tunings make it easy to switch between them. If have more than one favorite tuning defined, you’ll get a menu item to change the tuning easily and quickly by the menu. At least in every feature, where the tuning is from relevance.

You can define your favorite tunings on the ‘Instrument’ settings. Every predefined and custom tuning can be defined as favorite tuning.


smartChord supports using a capo on every fret. You can set and remove a capo in the settings or by menu. If you have set a capo, smartChord shows a red bar and how to grip a chord with a capo.

5-string Banjo

smartChord supports the 5-string Banjo with the shortened string. To get the support, just choose the instrument ‘5-string Banjo’.

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