smartChord V6.11

⭐⭐⭐ Online song editor ⭐⭐⭐
▫ The online song editor allows you to edit your songs comfortable in the browser of your computer
▫ Activate the ‘Edit song text online’ mode in the songbook
▫ Edit your song in the browser of your computer:
▫ The online song editor supports:
◾ ChordPro and smartChord specific directives
◾ Syntax highlighting
◾ Search & replace
◾ Undo & redo
◾ Word-wrap support
◾ Full screen mode

⭐ Songbook
▫ Define the appearance with three different color schemes
◾ Bright
◾ Dark
◾ Printout
▫ New color options to define the colors for the text and background of: chorus, bridge, interlude, verse, default

▫ New directives to define blocks for interludes: {start_of_interlude} and {end_of_interlude}. Also new directives {capo} and {meta}
▫ Share a song as PDF (after printing, you are asked to share the PDF)

✅ New Balalaika folk tuning

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Frank Berens for his contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.10

⭐ Songbook
▫ New color options to beautify your songbook (Background, Chord, Text, Text Chorus, Text Bridge, Text Verse)
▫ ChordPro tag {chorus} shows the chorus block defined by {start_of_chorus} and {end_of_chorus}
▫ Labels of ChordPro tags are now visible: {start_of_chorus: Chorus label}, {start_of_verse: Verse label}, {start_of_bridge: Bridge label}
▫ Chord print fixed
▫ Printed document gets name of the song (Android >= 5.0)
❗ New setting if the chord diagrams shall be part of the printout

⭐ Practice:
▫ Share your exercises with your friends, other musicians or students
▶ There is a video about:

⭐ Set list: Synchronize your set lists with your cloud (Google or DropBox). Use it to synchronize them between your and your band mates devices

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Olav Stüwe and Ralf Fellmer for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.9.2

❗❗ Fix for viewing and filtering new scale pattern modes

✅ Songbook: Optimized parser

✅ Prettier chord printout

✅ Fix: Scale pattern showed fret ‘0’

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Kip Kennedy for contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.9

⭐ Three new scale pattern modes:
◾ 2 notes per string pattern
◾ 3 notes per string pattern
◾ 4 notes per string pattern

⭐ 92 picking patterns for Ukulele (now there are 379 altogether)

✅ New overview screen with all arpeggio patterns for a chord

✅ Songbook: Added DuckDuckGo as an alternative search engine for new songs

✅ ‘PLUS Tuner’ has now the possibility to store unlimited custom tunings

❗❗ Fix: Diatonic chords for the scales where incomplete

✅ Fix: Scale pattern shows fret ‘0’ if needed

✅ Fix: Audio Player stopped working after editing the song text

✅ We relaunched – with a frequently asked questions section

❀ Special thanks to Derek Lichter, Fritz Müller, Kevin Heinze, Octavio Moreno, Paul Lowing, Péter Barna and Simone Sapienza for their contribution to this version.

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10 Android Apps for Musicians to Record, Tune, and More wrote

“smartChord is an absolute treasure trove for musicians. It’s mostly aimed at guitarists or those who play other stringed instruments, but there’s so much here that almost anyone will find it useful.

The app offers over 15 tools. You get information on playing chords, arpeggios, and scales. There’s a transposer so you can easily change the key of any piece of music. An ear training game helps you learn the sound of notes and chords. The songbook lets you download music for almost any song you can find online. The playground gives you a virtual guitar to practice on. There’s so much here.

All the basic functions are free, and you can add even more with a paid upgrade.

Download: smartChord (Free, premium version available)”

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smartChord V6.8

✅ 58 new picking patterns (>= “PP 470+”; now there are 287)

✅ Pattern: Switch pattern easily by gesture (you can define by settings to switch just between favorites)

✅ Pattern: Option to play the TAB by touching the TAB view

✅ Songbook: Automatic lookup for audio files, if location has been changed (e.g. after synchronization)

✅ Songbook: Shows target note names when transposing

✅ Synchronization: Better user guidance

✅ New Chords: 7/#11, 7add4, 11b9, 13sus4, aug7, add2add4, madd2add4, maj6/7, m/maj9, m/maj11, m/maj13, m7add4

✅ FAQ: New information screen with frequently asked questions

✅ Fix: Deleted favorite patterns and favorite fingerings are now removed on synchronization

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Adam Beaudoin, Emanolito Leitner, Slawomir Herman and Thomas Kjolsing for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V6.7.2

✅ 52 new picking patterns (“PP 2/4 202 ab”, >= “PP 4/4 462”, >= “PP 6/8 613”)

✅ Synchronize favorite patterns and favorite fingerings individually

✅ Favorite fingerings are defined for a tuning, but independent from an instrument

✅ Songbook: Chord diagrams are part of the printout, if you have the chord gallery displayed

✅ Enter BPM direct per number

✅ Fix: Pattern ignored rests when playing

✅ Fix: Songbook had problems to detect the notes SOL# and SOLb

✅ Fix: Request permissions for external storage to do automatic backup on a reinstallation

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andrea Bazzani, Hunter Dryden, Leo Müller, Matt Brunt, Ulrike Nehring and Vern Wilfinger for their contribution to this version

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5 Awesome Mobile Guitar Apps to Make You a Guitar Master wrote

“While a beginner may only be concerned with the five major chords, there are thousands of playable chords on a six-string guitar. (And that’s not even counting power chords.) Keeping track of all those chords along with all possible fingerings can be difficult even for a seasoned guitar player. Thankfully, using smartChord means you don’t have to.


smartChord is the ultimate chord referencing app. It contains almost all possible chord types and fingerings for guitar and other string instruments. The app supports both left- and right-handed players and has different modes to suit the user’s skill level. In addition, the app boasts lots of other useful features like scale and arpeggio training. One of the most useful (and interesting) features of the app is the reverse chord finder. This feature allows you to nominate the fingering, and the app will identify which chord that fingering relates to.”

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smartChord V6.7.1

❗❗Fix: Pattern filter was not selectable on some devices

✅ Pattern: Optimizations for small displays

✅ Songbook: Optimized line width in line break mode for different font size settings

✅ Songbook: Menu item to open tuner with the tuning of the song

✅ Set list: Optimized memory handling, when viewing PDF files

✅ Chords: Limit of setting ‘Max. frets per chord’ raised from 6 to 8

✅ Many minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Axel Heubach, Leo Müller, Martin Schumacher, Ryan Wiest, Steve Crook, Tom Tcheng and Tarun Mudgal for their contribution to this version.

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