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Edit songs

There are multiple ways to edit a song.

Edit on device

Use the menu to get to the edit screen to edit a song on your device.

The edit screen provides search & replace, copy & paste, undo & redo and a songbook-specific menu to easily add and edit ChordPro and smartChord specific directives.

Edit via context menu

There is also the possibility to mark blocks or add scroll breaks directly in the songbook. Or a dedicated information screen to edit song information like title, subtitle, artist, arranger, … This video shows all possible ways to edit your songs directly on your device:

Online song editor

The online song editor allows you to edit your songs comfortably in the browser of your computer

  • Activate the ‘Edit song text online’ mode in the songbook
  • Enter http://www.smartchord.de/song/edit in the browser of your computer
  • ▶ Our video shows the editing process:

The online song editor supports

  • ChordPro and smartChord specific directives
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Search & replace
  • Undo & redo
  • Word-wrap support
  • Full-screen mode

Edit in your cloud

Synchronize your songs with your cloud. During synchronization, the songs are stored as text files in your cloud. You can access and edit these files from your PC in the cloud. With the next synchronization, the changes are imported into the songbook.

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