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Getting started with the Songbook

Get a song

For licensing reasons, the songbook does not contain any songs. However, it offers a simple, fast and legal way to download almost any song from the Internet. The song search searches the entire Internet for your song. As soon as you have selected a page with your song, the lyrics and chords are extracted and presented to you. If you like the version of the song, one click is enough to add it to your songbook. You can start the song search via the menu ‘Folder -> New -> Internet search‘.

After you have found a song you like, use the menu ‘Folder -> Save‘ to add it to your Songbook.

if you already have songs e.g. as files, you can import them into the Songbook.

How it works

The songbook uses simple text to describe a song including lyrics, chords, tablatures (TABs) and annotations. This makes it easy and convenient for anyone to edit and create own songs. For extended use and requirements, the Songbook supports the widely used ChordPro format. It is used to add formatting and song information such as tuning, artist, title, scroll speed, audio file, … .

You can see on the left, that the song is written in plain text. You can see on the right, that the Songbook recognizes the chords in the song text. And it shows the fingering depending on the instrument and the tuning you have selected.


A song usually contains lyrics, chords and TABs. In most cases, the song is too long to display in its entirety on a small phone screen. Therefore the text is scrollable with the scroll gesture. To adjust the text to the available size, it can be enlarged or reduced using the pinch gesture. In addition, we recommend to use the intelligent line break option. It breaks belonging lines as a block so that the text can be enlarged and no horizontal scrolling is necessary.

The toolbar is essential for using the songbook and offers the most important functions like show/hide a player or the chord gallery or start/stop the player and the scrolling. To show the toolbar, click somewhere where there is no text. Click again to hide it.

The ‘⁝’ menu provides functionality around the song itself like edit, transpose, …

The ‘Folder’ menu provides functionality for handling songs: New, save, share or for the table of contents with the list of your songs.

Click on a chord name, to get a dialog with the chord diagram. It shows you how to play the chord

To discover all the possibilities of the Songbook, we recommend reading User Interface Design.


The songbook is highly customizable. You don’t need to know anything about the settings, as we’ve tried to give you sensible defaults. But in general, it makes sense to take a look especially at the songbook settings. They are extensive and versatile and there are real treasures slumbering.

Bunch of features

We truly believe our songbook is one of the best in the world. Take a look at the condensed feature list:

Find and save all the songs you like – without registration and account
⭐ Get millions of songs from the best internet song catalogs like ultimate-guitar, chordie, e-chords, guitaretab, …
⭐ Get any chord in the song automatically
⭐ Get the fingerings automatically for your instrument and tuning
Transpose between instruments, tunings, keys, with or without capo!
Intelligent line wrap, zoom, multi-column and auto scroll feature
⭐ Integrated players: YouTube-, video- and audio-player with A-B loop, drum machine as well as a metronome
⭐ Full-screen mode, ‘dark’ mode, history, print, …
⭐ Use Bluetooth and MIDI devices to control the Songbook
⭐ Organize songs in a set list
Connect bandmates during rehearsals and performances
Import, export, synchronization, share with friends
⭐ Online editor, viewer and importer
⭐ Highly customizable appearance
Simplify songs

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