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Tools overview

Home screen

The Home screen is the starting point of smartChord. It provides you with the tools you want to use. The easiest way to select those tools is the Tools dialog which is reachable by the menu.

You can reach the other tools by a swipe-up gesture on the home screen. The Add tools screen appears, where you can start the tools or add them to the home screen.

A long click on a tool icon opens a context menu. It allows you to remove a tool from the home screen, orr to start the reorder mode in which you can reorder the tools by dra’n’drop. Drag an item to the trash can to remove it from the home screen.

Tools overview

Arpeggio tool Arpeggio
Arpeggios and their patterns for every chord

Chords tool Chords
Ultimate chord reference lists every possible chord and voicing for every possible tuning

Chord name tool Chord name
Find the chord name for every possible fingering

Chord progression tool Chord progression
Work like a songwriter creating new pieces of music putting chords together that sound good

Circle of fifths tool Circle of fifths
The most important tool of western music to find the key, understand modes and scales, transpose and compose songs

Drum kit tool Drum kit
Just a simple drum kit to have fun 🙂

Drum machine tool Drum machine
The drum machine can be used as a rhythm trainer or for musical accompaniment in the Songbook or Song Writer (YouTube)

Ear training tool Ear training
Improve and train your musical ear. It helps to connect musical elements like pitch, intervals, chords and scales in your mind

Fretboard explorer tool Fretboard explorer
Explore chords and scales and learn the whole fretboard with control for every string and note

Fretboard trainer tool Fretboard trainer
Learn the notes and chords on the neck of your instrument in a playful and nevertheless effective way

Key Identifier tool Key Identifier
Get the key of a song or chord progression or just for a bunch of notes (YouTube)

Metronome tool Metronome
Train your ability to maintain a tempo or to speed up your tempo

Notepad tool Notepad
Good place for saving your musical ideas, exercises, annotation or just notes

Pattern tool Pattern
Picking patterns reference and trainer with hundreds of patterns and the ability to apply them to your songs and chord progressions (YouTube)

Piano tool Piano
Just a simple piano to have fun 🙂

Pitch pipe tool Pitch pipe
An alternative way to tune your instrument and train your ear at the same time

Playground tool Playground
A virtual instrument for jamming on the simple fretboard or with a chord on each fret

Songbook tool Songbook
Extremely feature-rich personal songbook for all of your favorite songs with chords, tabs and lyrics. Helps you with practicing or with your performance (YouTube)

Song Analyzer tool Song Analyzer
Analyzes any song and determines its key and chord progressions (YouTube)

Song Writer tool Song Writer
The Song Writer makes it incredibly easy to write and arrange your own songs (YouTube)

Lyrics Pad tool Lyrics Pad
Editor for writing your song lyrics. It can help you find catchy and interesting rhymes (YouTube)

Practice tool Practice
Training module to practice your arpeggio, picking or scale patterns

Scale tool Scale
Scale reference with more than 1000 scales and all patterns for every instrument and tuning

Scale name tool Scale name
Find the key and scale name for a set of notes or chords in the scale reference with more than 1000 scales

Set list tool Set list
Organize your songs and lyrics for rehearsals and live performances or practicing (YouTube)

A quick way to calculate tempo by tapping along with the rhythm

Tone generator tool Tone generator
Test your hearing, the bandwidth of your headphones and speakers or other audio equipment

Transpose tool Transposer
Transpose music from one key to another

Tuner tool Tuner
Precise chromatic tuner for every instrument and tuning

MIDI test tool MIDI test
Simple tool to show the MIDI messages received by smartChord or to send MIDI commands to a MIDI device

Instruments tool Instruments
Screen to select an instrument, create custom instruments and define your favorite instruments

Backup/Restore tool Backup/Restore
Tool to backup and restore all smartChord data such as settings, exercises, songs, …

Timer tool Timer
Simple timer to keep track of exercise time

Triads tool Triads
Triads allow you to simplify complex harmonies, understand musical structure, train your musical ear and create diverse soundscapes

Flashlight tool Flashlight
Tiny pocket lamp uses the display and/or LED to bring light into the darkness

Shop tool Shop
Treat yourself to more ease and efficiency with a product from our shop


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